Climator Sweden AB was founded in 1979, with the focus on energy-storing PCM materials. At the same time, we also launched ClimSel, our own brand of high-quality PCM material with excellent energy- storage properties. Since then, we have successfully developed, produced and marketed ClimSel on the global market.

Our business model is based on collaboration with our clients, involving us in the co-development of unique and fully customised solutions using ClimSel. As a result, ClimSel can be found today as a key component in many applications worldwide. Temperature-controlled transport solutions for valuable freight. Incorporated in building solutions for maximum energy efficiency. Integrated in protective clothing for personal safety and comfort when exposed to extremes of heat or cold. We are experts in PCM and finding solutions for efficient, economic temperature regulation!



PCM technology provides a safe, flexible and efficient solution for energy storage, temperature regulation and temperature stabilisation. ClimSel is a leading solution in this area which, together with our extensive expertise in project-adapted PCM packages, provides strong customer benefits. Each ClimSel product is an autonomous solution for energy storage and temperature regulation, suitable for all environments and applications. Through our extensive know-how and resources for laboratory testing, we can develop ClimSel solutions based completely on each project’s unique requirements and needs.

We work in four different product areas.


Temperature protection of sensitive, valuable freight including pharmaceuticals, foods, and human/animal organs. With ClimSel PCM, a microclimate is created to keep your cargo within the correct temperature range at all times, whatever the ambient temperature.


Energy storage in buildings – embedded in the structure or held in storage tanks. Thanks to its capacity to store cooling or heating energy, ClimSel PCM is a smart, highly energy-efficient part of today’s indoor climate solutions.


Temperature-regulating, protective clothing with integrated ClimSel PCM elements can provide professionals, athletes and working animals and pets with an autonomous system for protection against heat or cold.


Cooling and temperature stabilisation of electronic and mechanical equipment. ClimSel PCM provides secure protection during temporary temperature peaks, as well as cyclical fluctuations in ambient temperature.


Generally speaking, we do not develop and market any ClimSel applications of our own. Instead, all our development and project resources are tailored for developing and launching customer-specific applications in collaboration with our clients.

We work as a qualified project partner on the development of our customers’ applications. This provides our customers with a complete value chain that builds on our resources for the development of PCM-based energy storage solutions. With ClimSel, coupled with our knowledge, and ability to understand various types of customer needs as a base, we can offer a complete and effective project model for developing new customer applications.



Each customer project is an exciting challenge, involving the use of our technical and thermodynamic knowledge of PCM.

Through analysis of each project’s specific conditions, including energy storage requirements, temperature levels, ambient temperatures, timing as well as packaging requirements, and logistics, we can suggest optimal solutions. We have to date, conducted a long list of successful development projects together with our customers.