Climator’s product solutions are based on various types of PCM – Phase Change Materials. These are materials that, through their special phase change properties, have the ability to store energy for an extended period of time.
For this reason, PCM technology can be used for safe temperature stabilisation and thermal energy storage in many different applications. Commercially, PCM is available in a variety of types, with different base materials for the phase change. What distinguishes Climator’s PCM, ClimSel, from most other materials is that the phase change – the transition from the frozen to liquid phase or vice versa – takes considerably longer and is stable over time. These are the key characteristics that make ClimSel an optimal choice for efficient temperature stabilisation.



ClimSel is a salt-based, high quality PCM with excellent phase change properties. Through innovation and product development, we have created many world-leading PCM products. Better energy storage capacity, better user economy and a much more environmentally-friendly product than the majority of the market’s competing solutions for tempering.

Our continuous work on innovation, as well as collaborative projects with leading universities worldwide, creates the best conditions for further co-development of successful ClimSel applications with our customers. Extensive knowledge of ClimSel and PCM, combined with our experience in various types of packaging and logistics solutions, makes Climator a safe and natural choice for reliable temperature stabilisation and thermal energy storage.

ClimSel is a water-soluble, non-flammable, inorganic product with high enthalpy (amount of energy for the phase change). It is stable over time with virtually infinite life and an infinite number of charging cycles. These properties make ClimSel both environmentally friendly and a long-term sustainable alternative. Moreover, ClimSel is characterised by significant inertia in charging and discharging, which, in turn, provides long-duration energy storage and, thus, unbeatable temperature regulation.



Below is a brief description of Climator’s four product areas and the applications for which they are intended.
For more information, see under Customer Applications.


Temperature protection of sensitive, valuable freight including pharmaceuticals, foods, and human/animal organs. With ClimSel PCM, a microclimate is created to keep your cargo within the correct temperature range at all times, whatever the ambient temperature.


Energy storage in buildings – embedded in the structure or held in storage tanks. Thanks to its capacity to store cooling or heating energy, ClimSel PCM is a smart, highly energy-efficient part of today’s indoor climate solutions


Temperature-regulating, protective clothing with integrated ClimSel PCM elements can provide professionals, athletes and working animals and pets with an autonomous system for protection against heat or cold.


Cooling and temperature stabilisation of electronic and mechanical equipment. ClimSel PCM provides secure protection during temporary temperature peaks, as well as cyclical fluctuations in ambient temperature.


To ensure ClimSel maintains its energy-storing properties, we mainly deliver our ClimSel products as ClimSel batteries, i.e. application-tailored, hermetically-sealed aluminium foil bags. We never supply ClimSel in bulk.

The choice of packaging type, size and design is decided in collaboration with the customer according to each specific customer application. This also determines the choice of ClimSel product, currently available in 11 different versions. Based on the customer’s specifications regarding temperature requirements, ambient temperature and time requirements, we simulate the process and propose suitable ClimSel products as part of a complete solution to achieve the desired temperature stabilisation.


Click on any of the following ClimSel products to open and download the product sheet. The figures in each product indicate
the freezing or melting point for each product and, thus, the range for temperature stabilisation.

Climsel-C-21Climsel-C-18 Climsel-C7 Climsel-C10 Climsel-C21 Climsel-C24 Climsel-C28Climsel-C32 Climsel-C48 Climsel-C58 Climsel-C70