ClimSel is an excellent medium for protecting sensitive and valuable freight from temperature fluctuations during transport, e.g. temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, expensive foods and human/animal organs.

By means of customised concepts for temperature-stable transport, cost-effective, modern and environmentally-friendly alternatives can be developed for conventional chilled, frozen or heated transport. ClimSel PCM places Cold Chain solutions in a class of their own and can create a unique transport solution with integrated microclimate, fully adapted to the freight’s temperature range and time interval requirements. Hence, ClimSel can enable temperature-sensitive shipments in anything from the cold cargo space on an aircraft to the warmth of the back of a truck at the height of summer.

With ClimSel PCM, valuable cargo is always kept within its correct temperature range, whatever the ambient temperature. It provides easier, safer and more economical temperature-stable transport.


”ClimSel is a superior, high-tech material to use to protect valuable freight from temperature variations – ClimSel for optimal Cold Chain”





”ClimSel – the environmentally-friendly and temperature-stable solution for Cold Chain Logistics”



– ClimSel Box

ClimSel Box is a solution for temperature-stable transport using ClimSel as the key component. The solution is fully adapted to each cargo’s requirements for temperature range, transport time-frame and the expected ambient temperature. 

This is done using a “shell” as an outer box to protect against shocks and contaminants. In this “shell”, a box is placed made from insulating material in which ClimSel batteries are used to line the bottom of the box and the inside of its walls. The cargo is then placed in the box and the thermal shield is completed when a final ClimSel battery is placed on top. The box is then sealed with its lid and the outer box lid. The result is a customised microclimate the end user can rely on, both from a temperature and time perspective.

Thanks to ClimSel, and its ability to create microclimates, different products with different temperature sensitivities can be shipped in one and the same shipment – by car, goods vehicle, ship or plane.

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